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Yerba mate, what is it?

Yerba mate, what is it?

A flagship drink in Latin America, mate is a very good substitute for coffee , due to its long-term energizing effect and its multiple vitamins and antioxidants .

It also creates a great sense of community: sharing mate is an important social practice that brings people together.

Mate, what is it?

The rituals associated with the consumption of mate are rich and varied. It is always better to prepare and consume the drink correctly, in the traditional way . First of all, it is necessary to have specific equipment.

The container used to drink mate ( the mate gourd ) is called mate, or cuia, depending on the region. It is traditionally made from a calabash, which is hollowed out and left to dry in the sun, but it can also be made
from metal, wood or horn . In addition to the gourd, a bombilla is necessary.

The bombilla is a metal straw that ends in a filter. Traditionally, it is made of silver and includes ornaments, although more modern ones are made of stainless steel or nickel. Finally, a thermos or several thermoses are necessary to keep the water hot (or cold in the case of tereré ).

Accessories for preparing mate

How to prepare a good mate?

The preparation and serving of mate is always entrusted to the cebador , who is generally the host. Mate is prepared in the calabash by filling it two-thirds with dry yerba. The gourd is then shaken so that the larger leaves and twigs go to the bottom and the smaller, finer particles rise to the top so that they cannot clog the bombilla .

Next, it is important to tilt the gourd so that the yerba mate is tilted and leaves empty space. At this point, hot or cold water is poured into the gourd to hydrate the yerba in order to insert the bombilla.

And now everything is ready for the cebador to infuse the mate with hot water. It is very important that the water used is not boiling, otherwise the leaves will burn, making the mate much more bitter and reducing its beneficial properties .

According to tradition, the cebador drinks the mate first to get rid of any tiny particles that could give it a bitter taste and to ensure that it is properly prepared . Then, we circulate the mate in a circle. Each person drinks all the mate when it has passed and returns it to the person who started it so that they can fill it with water and do it again.

If there is someone in the group who does not want to drink any more, they thank the host by telling them that they have drunk enough, so that the rest of the group can continue drinking. The process of filling the calabash is repeated until the mate leaves no longer have any taste , at which point the mate is said to be "washed", meaning it has lost all its flavor.

To make the mate last longer, some of the upper leaves are kept dry as long as possible.

A well-prepared mate looks like this
The three basic rules to remember when drinking mate with Argentinians are:
  1. Do not touch or move the bombilla with your hand . In fact, this can clog the straw and cause small particles to enter the bombilla.
  2. We always respect the order of the circle.
  3. Don't say thank you when someone passes you mate, because that means you don't want it anymore.

Even if you're not planning to visit Latin America anytime soon, different variations of mate are sold around the world, including mate mixed with fruit or citrus extracts , iced mate, and granizado mate. Most of these alternatives contain added sugar to mask the bitter taste of traditional mate and make it sweeter for people.

At Mimaté, all our mates are 100% natural and contain no added sugars , to guarantee you the best quality mate possible. Mate has a unique taste , very different from tea and coffee. Even in countries where mate consumption is high, some people still prefer to add sugar or honey to obtain a sweet mate .

The popularity of yerba mate is spreading around the world. So it seems that people are starting to discover the benefits of drinking mate instead of the usual cup of coffee . Those who are lucky enough to be part of a circle of Materos and try real mate the traditional way often take on this special habit for the rest of their lives!

Argentinians sharing a mate

Mate, what are its benefits?

Mate is a drink recognized for hundreds of years for these benefits:

  • It helps with cardiovascular health : Thanks to its antioxidant content, mate helps prevent cardiovascular disease by preventing cholesterol and fats from accumulating in the arteries.
  • It increases "good" cholesterol : According to a recent study conducted by the University of Illinois in the United States, it has been shown that the consumption of mate increases the amount of HDL, that is to say the " good cholesterol, which protects us against heart attacks and helps with digestion!
  • It helps to slow down aging : Thanks to its high antioxidant content, regular consumption of mate helps prevent oxidation and wear and tear of cells.
  • It provides physical endurance : Drinking mate helps speed up metabolism, so the body consumes carbohydrates more quickly. Therefore, the increase in energy is due to the burning of calories that were consumed with food. It is an excellent drink for athletes because it is also a completely natural fat-burning drink !

Another of the properties present in mate is matein, which is very similar to the caffeine in coffee, although milder, so it is better digested by the stomach. This substance stimulates the functioning of the heart while activating the cognitive system and increasing energy .

Mate has many benefits

Why take up mate?

Consumed for years in Latin America, mate has many health benefits and is an excellent alternative to coffee . Can be enjoyed in multiple ways, whether sweeter, hot, cold or flavored, it is an ideal drink for athletes or for people looking for a daily boost . If you are looking for a healthier drink that provides you with multiple benefits, come and discover our organic mate discovery kits without added sugar!

nomadic tradition mate kit

nomadic tradition mate kit

The N°1 mate box chosen by our customers.

kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté

nomadic tradition mate kit

The N°1 mate box chosen by our customers.

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Discover traditional mate with a simplified, quick and 100% eco-friendly preparation: that’s the traditional nomadic mate kit!

👉 NEW BESTSELLER : This brand new mate discovery kit is the ideal box to discover traditional mate with simplified preparation .

♻️ Made from 100% recycled silicone : The silicone calabash is the perfect compromise between tradition and modernity.

Ultra practical : Requires no maintenance, washable in a few seconds with water, in addition to being flexible and unbreakable, it is the easiest gourd to carry in a small bag or even in your pocket!

A Calabash with the best ergonomics , available in 5 colors.
Simplified preparation : Pour the mate into the calabash and add water: It's ready!
Perfect to carry, simple to use and easy to clean.
Can contain up to 50g of Yerba Mate (leaves) and 200ml of water.

✓ Does not retain taste , odors or bacteria.
Dishwasher safe.
Flexible and unbreakable .

👉 The portable silicone mate kit contains :

  • x1 250g bag of mate of your choice ! 🍃
  • x1 Silicone calabash with a capacity of 200ml (100% recycled) available in 5 colors.
  • x1 A “classic” bombilla (the traditional straw) with filter, in stainless steel.
  • x1 Brush to clean and maintain the bombilla (this is a small brush designed to clean the inside of the filter straw)

♻️ Eco-responsible bags : All our mate bags are made from recycled paper and are100% biodegradable.

🧉 The kit comes with an explanatory guide to know everything about mate and learn how to prepare it.


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