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Mate or coffee: what are the differences?

Mate or coffee: what are the differences?

Coffee and mate contain caffeine, but why are these two drinks so different and what are the advantages of switching from coffee to mate?


Coffee and mate contain caffeine (also present in tea because it remains exactly the same molecule as theine as shown in this study: read the Futura Science article )

  • One of the big differences between these two drinks is that mate contains less caffeine than coffee: around 34mg of caffeine for 100ml of mate, compared to 90mg for a 50ml espresso coffee .
  • Coffee has an exciting effect and gives a feeling of fatigue which generally occurs when the caffeine “comes down”. Conversely, mate provides diffuse energy, which does not cause fatigue.
  • Mate has greater diuretic properties than coffee. Quite simply because liquid consumption is greater with mate than with coffee. It is therefore an ideal advantage for those looking to lose weight or eliminate toxins.
  • Mate herb (also called yerba mate ) is more nutritious and is considered a superfood : Mate contains antioxidants, vitamins B1 and B2, more than ten types of amino acids, iron, magnesium, sodium and potassium. All these nutrients are naturally contained in the mate leaf. Unlike coffee which comes from a seed and does not contain as much nutrition.
  • Mate is sipped slowly and re-infused up to 15 times without changing the mate herb! Not only does drinking mate take longer and be cheaper (because it can be re-infused) than drinking coffee, but it is also the ideal drink for meeting up with friends or family. In Argentina, sharing a mate is a sign of trust and openness to others , it is a precious moment to share a moment with our loved ones, around a healthy and 100% natural drink.
    nomadic tradition mate kit

    nomadic tradition mate kit

    The N°1 mate box chosen by our customers.

    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté
    kit maté tradition nomade - Mimaté

    nomadic tradition mate kit

    The N°1 mate box chosen by our customers.

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    Discover traditional mate with a simplified, quick and 100% eco-friendly preparation: that’s the traditional nomadic mate kit!

    👉 NEW BESTSELLER : This brand new mate discovery kit is the ideal box to discover traditional mate with simplified preparation .

    ♻️ Made from 100% recycled silicone : The silicone calabash is the perfect compromise between tradition and modernity.

    Ultra practical : Requires no maintenance, washable in a few seconds with water, in addition to being flexible and unbreakable, it is the easiest gourd to carry in a small bag or even in your pocket!

    A Calabash with the best ergonomics , available in 5 colors.
    Simplified preparation : Pour the mate into the calabash and add water: It's ready!
    Perfect to carry, simple to use and easy to clean.
    Can contain up to 50g of Yerba Mate (leaves) and 200ml of water.

    ✓ Does not retain taste , odors or bacteria.
    Dishwasher safe.
    Flexible and unbreakable .

    👉 The portable silicone mate kit contains :

    • x1 250g bag of mate of your choice ! 🍃
    • x1 Silicone calabash with a capacity of 200ml (100% recycled) available in 5 colors.
    • x1 A “classic” bombilla (the traditional straw) with filter, in stainless steel.
    • x1 Brush to clean and maintain the bombilla (this is a small brush designed to clean the inside of the filter straw)

    ♻️ Eco-responsible bags : All our mate bags are made from recycled paper and are100% biodegradable.

    🧉 The kit comes with an explanatory guide to know everything about mate and learn how to prepare it.


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    Excellent mate

    I had known about Mate for a while but I had not yet tasted such a good quality Mate. Thank you Mimate!

    Boire du mate pour maigrir

    Emma L.


    Very good and consistent with the photos

    The mate is very green, consistent with the photos with lots of fruit and other pieces inside! I advise.

    femme qui boit du maté bio mimaté

    Sylvie C.


    Gain energy with mate

    A super nice menthol taste
    I drink it in my own full-bodied way
    All day long

    calebasse yerba maté traditionnelle en courge d'argentine

    Victor Z.


    Very good mate

    Good taste, easy to infuse, great for good muscle recovery

    selfie d'un homme qui boit le maté traditionnel mimaté

    Catherine D.


    Super happy with my mate

    Received the order in accordance with my expectations.
    The calabash is aesthetically beautiful.
    I recommend !

    brunch avec de la yerba maté dans une calebasse traditionnelle



    Top products

    Excellent, mate has allowed me to reduce smoking and perhaps soon to stop. By drinking this mate, it reduces the lack of nicotine but above all it makes me sick of cigarettes!

    maté aromatisé bio



    Perfect for discovering

    Everything rolls in this box. Even after hot water is added, the gourd remains at a good temperature to hold it in your hand.

    verser de l'eau chaude pour infuser le maté

    Melanie D.


    New ritual for me

    The concept is so good, I was looking for an alternative to coffee and I'm so happy to have discovered mate 😍

    femme qui tient une calebasse de maté dans la main et une bombilla tradition

    Manon C.


    A great discovery

    Before and after sport, it's a great discovery! Better recovery, more energy and it became a pleasure to prepare my mate every day.

    femme tenant une calebasse de maté traditionnelle à la plage

    Mathéo H.


    Thank you Mimate team!

    RAS, super practical bottle and the mate is excellent, two weeks after my order I barely started the second bag

    coffret découverte maté infusion avec du maté aux fruits

    Nikolas D.


    My drink for this summer

    Feet in the sand with a good iced mate, what a pleasure! This original organic mate is excellent.

    yerba maté dans une calebasse dans la main d'un homme au soleil



    Help for sports!

    Better recovery plus giving me a boost, very very good mate

    infusion de maté en bouteille dans une salle de sport

    Maxence B.


    Hot or iced I love it

    At first I drank it hot this winter and then I recommended fruity mate, drinking it iced is even better 🔥

    yerba maté glacé avec une bombilla classique mimaté

    Nicholas G.


    Really energizing

    I wanted to try it like this on a whim and I am very satisfied with my order, quick, well packaged and the mate gives me the boost I was looking for

    joueur de fifa qui boit du maté bio

    Marlene P.


    The little attention with my first name

    Fast delivery and a nice touch when I discovered my first name written by hand on the booklet, I will definitely recommend

    photo d'un coffret maté découverte mimaté

    Jerome S.


    Finished the coffee

    I was drinking too much coffee and I managed to reduce it thanks to mate, thank you team

    remplacer le café par le maté

    Marie O.


    I took 3 tastes and it's so good

    3 tastes tested in infusion and I who didn't usually like mate, these convinced me :)

    sachets de maté aromatisé avec une boule infusion

    Corentin L.


    I drink it iced

    This summer I drank it like that and frankly with ice cubes and pieces of fruit it's quality

    maté glacé avec une bombilla

    Dorian P.


    Nothing to say, great

    RAS, well packaged, received quickly at a relay point with free delivery and the guide in the box is super practical for getting started

    photo d'une commande yerba maté de chez mimaté

    Morgane J.


    Surprisingly surprised

    At first I was expecting something strong and not at all! thanks for the discovery

    coffret maté découverte avec calebasse et bombilla pour boire la yerba mate

    Mark I.


    Perfect for sports

    Before my training I always drink one now and it's fire

    boire du maté avant le sport



    Well received and fast

    It was a first order so always wary but nothing to say, top quality service

    sportif qui boit du maté

    Louanne H.


    Received in 48 hours, tooop this mate

    Very good even if it takes a little time to adapt, the benefits are worth it!

    coffret maté avec yerba maté aromatisé

    Ophélie V.


    Every morning it's mate!

    New morning routine and after running, totally won over

    Marcel S.


    Nothing to say, it's serious

    Very well created website, all the information is well noted. Respected deadlines and careful packages



    A validated discovery

    Not sure I'll prepare it to perfection but the booklet and the tutorial video helped me a lot, thank you mimate